The Latte Served With A Complimentary Ocean View

There are certainly hidden gems along the North Shore Mountains, but do we Vancouver folks really take notice? I think we’re so consumed with the specialty coffee in the heart of Vancouver that we’re blissfully unaware of the jewels in West Vancouver. One such locale is Cafe Crema, which serves up one hell of a latte.

Cafe Crema - Coffee Shop - West Vancouver - Vancouver

I expected the crema at Cafe Crema would be special. However, I had no clue how great it really would be. Without overblown high praise, the fluffy crema on their classic latte is pretty unbelievable. Their coffee art is striking with intricate and flamboyant details.

Latte at Cafe Crema |

As the design disperses throughout the drink, it becomes an eye-dropping abstract that the West Van clientele would pay a fortune for if it were a painting.

Latte at Cafe Crema |

The crema is the ideal temperature and also bears a pungent flavour of coffee. This makes the latte feel unified.

As for the body of the beverage, well, my God is it smooth. The texture is wonderfully silky. Furthermore, there’s an indefinable quality that makes their classic latte gentle and polished. The reason could easily be the Phil and Sebastian beans they use in their drinks. There’s a natural sweetness to the beans that balances out the acidity without any additions to the latte. As well, I can’t help but believe that the flavour of the beans adds to the flossy crema.

Latte at Cafe Crema |

I honestly can’t say that I found the staff friendly, as talented as they are. In contrast, the clientele more than make up for it. I actually found myself in three separate conversations with coffee consumers devouring Crema’s homemade treats on the outdoor patio. There’s a really laidback and approachable vibe about this place.

Cafe Crema - Coffee Shop - West Vancouver - Vancouver

The views of Ambleside Beach and UBC gleaming across the water are truly enough to get anyone through Cafe Crema’s doors. But if that’s not enough for you, rest assured that you’ll be receiving absolutely top-notch coffee and splendid pastries. I’d suggest stopping by the next time you’re in town or, better yet, making the trip out. You won’t regret it.

Restaurant: Cafe Crema

Featured Dish Name: Latte

Dish Type: Coffee

Available For: All Day

Dish Price: $4.50

Flavour Profile: Sweet

Served: Hot

Portion Size: Small

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