The Chocolate Mousse Cake in an Instagrammer’s Paradise

I spent my Friday afternoon at a new high-end dessert parlour in Olympic Village called Yandoux Patisserie. Tucked away on Manitoba Street, this shop has a simple grey exterior and minimalist interior.

Yandoux Patisserie - French Dessert Parlour - Mount Pleasant - Vancouver

Grey marble tables and white marble tableware give this café Instagram appeal, but also make it a chic place to hang out with friends.

Yandoux Patisserie - French Dessert Parlour - Mount Pleasant - Vancouver

Once I stepped in, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the glass display of petite cakes. Elegant and artistic, they all looked too good to eat. But, when I saw the Magnum chocolate mousse cake, it was love at first sight.

The Magnum was a delicate dark chocolate mousse cake skirted with diced peanuts. A chocolate mirror glaze coated this delectable cake, while edible gold flakes and silver sugar pearls topped it off. Finally, a popsicle stick completed the artistic design of this aptly named cake.

Magnum at Yandoux Patisserie |

Under the Magnum’s smooth mirror glaze was a layer of dark chocolate mousse embedded with toasted hazelnut and cassis cremeux. This sat over a thin layer of spongy brownie. The cassis cremeux, a blackcurrant-flavoured cream, brought a subtle acidity to the semi-sweet mousse cake, while the toasted hazelnut added a nice crunch. The cake overall had a creaminess that melted instantly in my mouth. In fact, its taste reminded me of a less-sweet version of an actual Magnum ice cream bar – one with a tangy twist from the blackcurrant cream. Paired with a pot of floral tea, the Magnum cake was divine.

Magnum at Yandoux Patisserie |

While you can stop by Yandoux Patisserie for their eye-catching desserts, you can also stay awhile to indulge in their afternoon tea set (I recommend making a reservation for this). They also make beautiful custom cakes and offer dessert catering services for special occasions. Open until 7pm, Yandoux Patisserie can be a relaxing place to hang out with friends after work. And if you visit, make sure to try the Magnum chocolate mousse cake.

Yandoux Patisserie - French Dessert Parlour - Mount Pleasant - Vancouver

Restaurant: Yandoux Patisserie

Featured Dish Name: Magnum

Dish Type: Cake

Available For: All Day

Dish Price: $6.75

Flavour Profile: Sweet

Served: Cold

Portion Size: Small

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