The Americano Misto For Life In The Bike Lane

Everything about Musette Caffé makes you feel like you’re nowhere else. Whether it’s the location just off the Burrard Street Bridge, the approachable staff, or the wild décor, you’re sure to feel somewhere else besides Starbucks. But drinks like their Americano misto are what make you feel like you’re truly somewhere special.

Mussette Cafe - Vancouver Local Bike Friendly Coffee Shop - West End - Vancouver

For those who don’t know, an Americano misto consists of espresso shots and water filled halfway up the glass, with steamed milk on top. The best way to tell if you have a properly brewed misto is if it doesn’t taste watered down – even though that’s precisely what it is. The pungent taste of the coffee should be the dominant force. For that reason, the steamed milk should just be a backup.

American Misto at Mussette Cafe |

On first sip, Musette’s misto appears to have the creaminess of a cappuccino. However, the three shots of espresso, made with Pallet beans, quickly take over. Specially selected for Musette Caffé, these beans seem to have less acidity in them. And though there’s natural sweetness to steamed milk, I wouldn’t describe this drink as saccharine. Consequently, the drink is ideal if you want to avoid both a sugary coffee and a punch in the face by bitterness. The crema art is pretty, but standard. The cup and saucer, however, are smartly branded with Musette’s logo. To me, this verbalizes how proud the café is to serve you their drinks.

American Misto at Mussette Cafe |

Everything about the décor of Musette Caffé is reminiscent of a bicycle club. Therefore, expect to see riding uniforms, flags, and posters lining the walls. There are so many trinkets and collectibles that you couldn’t possibly enjoy them all in one visit. The space also bears a couple different seating areas, ginormous ceilings, a foosball table, and even an outdoor space.

Mussette Cafe - Vancouver Local Bike Friendly Coffee Shop - West End - Vancouver

If you didn’t know, a musette is a lightweight shoulder bag with food and drink that’s given to riders during the organized chaos of a race. It’s an apt name for this café, as we could all use a care kit while navigating our high-octane lives.

Mussette Cafe - Vancouver Local Bike Friendly Coffee Shop - West End - Vancouver

Restaurant: Musette Caffè

Featured Dish Name: Americano Misto

Dish Type: Coffee

Available For: All Day

Dish Price: $3.91

Flavour Profile: Bitter

Served: Hot

Portion Size: Small

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