The Wholesome Veggie Sausage to Enjoy Amidst an Enchanting Garden Patio

Veggie Sausages at The Naam | tryhiddengems.comHere’s an insider secret about me: on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’m a devout vegetarian. So to enjoy my Thursday off work, I decided to go to my favourite vegetarian restaurant for breakfast – The Naam. Part of Vancouver’s history, The Naam is tucked away on West 4th Avenue with a name that translates to “the original name.” Known for its fresh ingredients and in-house specialties, this is the place to go, not just for vegetarians, but for all.

When I arrived at The Naam, I asked the easygoing staff member who greeted me to seat me in their exclusive garden patio. She informed me they weren’t officially open for the season, but then responded, “Hey, it has to open someday! Why not today?” Hence, I can officially say that I’m the first diner to enjoy The Naam’s garden patio for the summer of 2016!

Veggie Sausages at The Naam |
As I was guided through the informal setting of the restaurant through the rustic French doors, I was welcomed with a sense of tranquility. The server seated me in the first part of the patio, a closed-off veranda with large windows and a vine-adorned ceiling. When the day is hot enough, this veranda opens up to an actual garden with mini trees, so you’re nestled amongst fresh greenery. I was immediately served a fresh cup of coffee, and without even looking at the menu, I knew what I wanted to order – The Naam’s Special Breakfast. Within 10 to 12 minutes, I was looking at my beautifully plated breakfast before me.

Veggie Sausages at The Naam |

The aromas were oh so tempting. My plate was decorated with light, fluffy whole wheat pancakes, golden brown potatoes with the perfect crunch, seasonal fresh fruit, eggs, and, the star of the dish, veggie sausages – the only reason I had visited this rustic, hipster establishment in the first place. It was poetic in a sense – enjoying fresh vegetarian ingredients on a garden patio.

Veggie Sausages at The Naam |

The Naam’s veggie sausages are made with fresh, wholesome ingredients, including soy protein, parsley, dried garlic, peas, corn, carrots, green beans, and spices that tie all the flavours together. Deliciously chewy, lean, and filling, these veggie sausages were not greasy, nor did they leave a trail of oil on my plate. Unlike a meat sausage, The Naam’s vegetarian version is much more distinctive on the palate as you experience the full flavours of all the vegetables in the blend. The subtleties of the parsley, carrots, corn, and other delicious and healthy flavours pop out.

The perfect dipping sauce for The Naam’s famous veggie sausages is ketchup.

That’s right folks, no special bedazzling is needed because the combination of ingredients and spices in the veggie sausages is enough to get any foodie’s taste buds leaping!

If you’re a meat eater and vegetarian like me, you’ll be able to taste the difference from the first bite.

Veggie Sausages at The Naam |

As I dug into the whole wheat pancakes, each bite was filling and oh so satisfying. Dipped in maple syrup, the warm pancakes tasted like a fantasy, especially when taken in with the patio’s ambience. The fruit alongside was fresh and in season. Melon, berries, and orange – all juicy and zesty! Keep in mind though, they don’t always serve the same fruit; one day it can be fresh kiwis, the next, luscious blueberries. The eggs can be served any way you like, and I opted for scrambled. I dipped my soft scrambled eggs into the maple syrup, mixing the sweet and savoury tastes flawlessly. Everything on my plate effortlessly complemented each other and the proportions were just right.

Veggie Sausages at The Naam |

The ambience of the garden patio at The Naam is something a passerby would not expect from the street. The patio is tucked away on one side of the casual restaurant and is truly a hidden gem. This 24-hour restaurant is an ideal place to enjoy a hearty breakfast, wholesome entrées, and delectable deserts. Besides sampling their tasty vegetarian menu items, you can also enjoy live music and check out the local artwork.

Restaurant: The Naam

Featured Dish Name: The Naam’s Special Breakfast

Dish Type: Platter

Available For: Breakfast

Dish Price: $11.75

Flavour Profile: Savoury

Served: Hot

Portion Size: Large

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