The Dutch Pancake That Proves Pizza Makes a Good Breakfast

Breakfast food is usually my number one, but I also love some good pizza every now and again. So when I discovered that this Pizza Pannekoek existed at the Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe, my taste buds rejoiced.


You might be familiar with pannekoeken from the popular De Dutch chain of restaurants. A pannekoeken is a thin Dutch pancake. It’s typically much larger than the American pancake and reaches up to a foot in diameter! Traditionally, the Dutch incorporated other ingredients into the batter, such as bacon, raisins, apples, or cheese. Toppings included treacle, apple butter, and powdered sugar. A fun fact about pannekoeken is that they’re a common food for children’s birthday parties in Belgium and the Netherlands! What kid wouldn’t want a giant pancake rolled up with sugar inside?

Pizza Pannekoek at Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe |

More modern takes on the pannekoeken include a wide variety of toppings, ranging from sweet to savoury. Fruit, syrups, and chocolate would usually be my preference for a dish such as this, but this time I ventured out of my comfort zone and went for a savoury pancake. Upon entering the Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe, I was unsure exactly what dish I would order, but I knew it would be savoury. I considered several options before the words “Pizza Pannekoek” jumped off of the page at me. I promptly ordered it, because how could I pass up the opportunity to blend two of my favourite foods – pizza and pancakes?

Pizza Pannekoek at Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe |

While waiting for my meal, I admired the charming décor of the café. It was small and cozy, yet didn’t feel crowded or claustrophobic. There was a heavy Dutch influence in the décor, with wooden shoes hanging from the ceiling, quirky paintings, and walls of shelves holding beer steins from across Europe. The one complaint I do have about this restaurant is that the service was a bit slow. The servers were very friendly, but the food took quite a while to arrive.

Pizza Pannekoek at Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe |

Once my food did arrive, my jaw dropped. A plate-sized Dutch pancake sat in front of me, graced with glorious toppings.

A layer of tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese smothered the thin pancake. Two basted eggs and a generous serving of bacon were the main attractions, complemented nicely by some freshly sliced pineapple.

Pizza Pannekoek at Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe |

The pannekoeken itself was fairly flavourless, but this was good as the toppings provided an abundance of flavour. The bacon was perfectly cooked – not too crispy, not too soggy. I’d never tried basted eggs before, so it was a new experience for me, and I loved it! Similar to over-easy or sunny side up, these eggs had a runny yolk, but had a thin skin over the yolk. The sweetness of the pineapple satisfied my craving for a sweet breakfast, while also allowing me to venture into the world of savoury breakfast food.

Pizza Pannekoek at Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe |

Overall, the Pizza Pannekoek really impressed me. I felt that I was eating pizza for breakfast (without actually eating leftover pizza for breakfast). It was a great amount of food for the price and very filling. I definitely recommend the Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe’s Pizza Pannekoek for any pizza lover who’s looking for a unique way to enjoy their favourite dish.

Restaurant: Dutch Wooden Shoe Café

Featured Dish Name: Pizza Pannekoek

Dish Type: Pancake/Waffle/Crepe

Available For: Brunch

Dish Price: 13.00

Flavour Profile: Savoury

Served: Hot

Portion Size: Large

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Connie Leung

They have Vegan GF Pannekoek too if you ask at no extra charge!
Plus, every Tuesday is Pannekoek Day which means BOGO half off 😀

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