The Earthy Mushroom Pizza for an All Season Patio Lunch

Who says you can’t enjoy the patio scene during your lunch break? It was Friday and the sun was shining. So, the perfect way to enjoy the work day was to walk over to Big Ridge Brewing for a patio lunch. I’ve walked by here for a few weeks and always wanted to try it out so this was the perfect time.

Mushroom Pizza at Big Ridge Brewing |

Big Ridge Brewing is known for its beer, and you may have heard of, or even frequented, Big Ridge’s sister restaurant, Yaletown Brewery. Besides their beer, Big Ridge has an extensive food menu with many options, so making a decision was tough. But what I loved about this restaurant was that it caters to vegetarians like moi! I narrowed down my choice to the thin-crusted Savory Mushroom Pizza and a glass of Badiot sparkling water. But, if a non-vegetarian dish catches your eye, the chef will aim to accommodate you and make it veggie friendly.

Mushroom Pizza at Big Ridge Brewing |

Before the mushroom pizza arrived on my table, the aromas got there first. The smell of the fresh dough lingered in the air as the waitress walked with it across the patio. The mushroom pizza consisted of simple ingredients: tomato sauce, mushrooms, parmesan cheese, and arugula. But all this existed together in perfect harmony.

Mushroom Pizza at Big Ridge Brewing |

On the Savory Mushroom Pizza, the mushrooms infused with garlic butter were genuinely savoury – true to the dish’s name!

The softness of these mushrooms provided the perfect texture alongside the fresh arugula for each bite. The amount of tomato sauce was just right, not making the pizza overly saucy. And the thin crust had an extra crispy bite. While the cheese was a tad sparse for me, I remedied this by sprinkling on a little extra parmesan. With each bite, I relished in the authentic taste of this pizza. The portion size was quite large too. So, I definitely got a two-in-one deal with lunch and dinner (or perhaps lunch and an after-work snack).

Mushroom Pizza at Big Ridge Brewing |

Big Ridge Brewing truly reflects how a modern day brewery would appear, with barrels as part of the wood rustic décor. The patio is weather friendly in any season, as it’s heated and partially covered. And despite the patio’s location near a busy intersection, music drowns out the noise while greenery surrounding the patio walls offers the perfect seclusion. Inside, the restaurant boasts a much larger seating area than it lets on from the outside. This is a great bonus!

Mushroom Pizza at Big Ridge Brewing |

At Big Ridge, my server was friendly and pleasant, from the moment she seated me to when I paid the bill. She provided excellent knowledge of the menu and checked up on me a few times to top of my glass of Badiot while I eagerly awaited my lunch. If you can’t stop by for a patio lunch during work hours, then head to Big Ridge on a weekend to watch a football game or catch up with friends over freshly brewed beers in the evening.

Restaurant: Big Ridge Brewing Co.

Featured Dish Name: Savory Mushroom Pizza

Dish Type: Pizza

Available For: All Day

Dish Price: $15.99

Flavour Profile: Savoury

Served: Hot

Portion Size: Large

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