The All-Dressed Meaty Burger for Punching Hunger in the Face

Come in hungry. Come in really hungry. The mighty sandwiches at Texx Big Burger may intimidate, so ready your burger bibs because they don’t skip on the beefy or the juicy.

Single Texx Big Burger at Texx Big Burger |

Tables and chairs in a gridded fashion. Orange walls and fluorescent ceiling lights. Soda fountain. Ordering counter. Bam! This simple burger joint is kind of reminiscent of a ‘90s low-profile setting for small talk … maybe even for a shady transaction involving a mysterious suitcase. Though far from my shadowy imagination, my dining experience at Texx Big Burger was honest, delicious, and definitely satisfying.

Single Texx Big Burger at Texx Big Burger |

It all started with the friendly staff member who took my order and told me how everything is done fresh at the venue. Their meats are never frozen, and neither are their hand-cut fries. They have unlimited toppings too, which seemed too good to be true.

I checked off the Single Texx Mix burger as a rounded intro to their menu. Double up with beef and chicken patties combined? Why not? I was super-hungry and for once, I could get both meats with all the toppings I wanted, including cheddar and bacon. If you’re not as hungry as I was, there are less hefty options available.

As I waited for my order, I saw the cook place the meat patties on the grill. The sizzling burst warmed the open kitchen to my anticipation of an applause billowing under the savoury fumes. The stars were the breaded chicken breast and the fresh beef patty, each five ounces, as they earned their grill marks. Patience. The lady handed me my order in a brown paper bag. I set the weighty bag on the table, but didn’t mean it to thud. And the savoury heat released as I tore open the bag and wrapper to get down to business.

Single Texx Big Burger at Texx Big Burger |

The Single Texx Mix offered layers of harmony. Gooey cheddar cheese held the generous portion of crispy bacon on top.

Below the bacon, the tender chicken fillet fashioned a mildly golden crispiness. And just below that, the beef patty glossed in its oil, smelled of a perfect barbecue session.

Both textures in a bite hit me with fused flavours as the juices dripped on each other. Some bites, I couldn’t even distinguish which meat I was experiencing; nevertheless, it was delicious.

Single Texx Big Burger at Texx Big Burger |

The customized toppings included red relish, lettuce, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, tomatoes, and jalapenos. Sauces included mayo, ketchup, and mustard. The garnishes complemented the entirety of the burger because the thinness and quantity in each respective vegetable stroked a tasty ratio that inaugurated the flavours of the meats – the softness against the crunchiness, the umami to the raw simplicity, and the grilled colliding with the chilled. I’m so glad they didn’t douse my burger with sauce, as often happens to burgers. They didn’t skimp on anything. The Single Texx Mix was an impressive hierarchy of balanced flavors.

Single Texx Big Burger at Texx Big Burger |

Get the fries. They’re thick cut and also made to order. Texx Big Burger hand cuts their fries and handles them with care. Interestingly, they pour all the fries in the paper bag before the burger goes in. Maybe this is their tradition for dine-in orders.

To top off the Texx Big Burger experience, daring guests can take the burger challenge. Mind you, I sat out of this one, but if you’re at least 14 years old, you can participate. For $36.99, you must finish your Super Texx Burger and all the fries in a given time to win $200. The current time limit is seven minutes, 11 seconds. That means inhaling three 10oz beef patties with cheese, bacon, and the fixings between two poor sesame buns.

Single Texx Big Burger at Texx Big Burger |

If your conscience is saying you need some greasy but good food, Texx Big Burger is the place to go. Located northwest of Guildford Mall in a corner plaza, this burger joint cared about me, my food, and my experience. The Single Texx Mix burger is a hit for any burger cravings.

Restaurant: Texx Big Burger

Featured Dish Name: Single Texx Mix

Dish Type: Burger/Sandwich/Wrap

Available For: All Day

Dish Price: $12.99

Flavour Profile: Savoury

Served: Hot

Portion Size: Large

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