The Fancy Chocolate Mandarin Waffle to Make You Feel Like Royalty

I’ve always been a chocolate lover. As such, I’ve wanted to visit Mink Chocolate Café for a long time to try their house-made chocolate. I’ve heard many great things about Mink’s chocolate fondue, but was ecstatic to find out that they also serve breakfast.

Dark Chocolate Mandarin Waffle at Mink Chocolates |

I ventured out to Mink Chocolate Café’s South Surrey location on a brisk day with my mom and grandma. The café was spacious yet cozy, with a beautifully decorated interior. I went up to the counter and ordered the Tutti Frutti Seasonal waffle, which is an original waffle with seasonal fruit – mandarin oranges at the time. And with the chocolate mandarin waffle, I got a choice of milk chocolate or dark chocolate; I chose dark. I also ordered a dark hot chocolate with 70% cocoa content.

Dark Chocolate Mandarin Waffle at Mink Chocolates |

Once my hot chocolate was ready, I sat down at one of the cute black and white tables, and waited for my food. My insides warmed up as I sipped my velvety beverage. Our window seat gave us a lovely view of the outdoor mall waking up for a day of shoppers. The chocolate mandarin waffle was ready surprisingly quickly and arrived on a silver platter. The presentation was beautiful and felt luxurious for the price. I didn’t want to eat it because it looked so pretty! But, I was starving, and it looked delicious, so I dug in.

Dark Chocolate Mandarin Waffle at Mink Chocolates |

The waffle itself was crisp on the outside, but sweet and chewy on the inside. It would have been a treat even on its own.

Topped with fluffy whipped cream, decadent dark chocolate, and juicy mandarin slices, the chocolate mandarin waffle reminded me of one of my favourite treats – a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

Dark Chocolate Mandarin Waffle at Mink Chocolates |

The chocolate was rich and flavourful, perfectly balanced, not too bitter and not too sweet. The mandarin slices were beautifully ripe, bursting with saccharine flavour as I bit into them. The whipped cream was an idyllic ending to this dreamy dish, adding an airy softness to this party of textures.

Dark Chocolate Mandarin Waffle at Mink Chocolates |

The one downfall of this near-perfect dish was its size. It was quite a small serving, with only one small waffle. Though I felt satisfied after eating it, I would’ve easily been able to eat another waffle. Luckily, Mink Chocolate Café does provide the option of ordering waffles individually, so you could add a plain one to your meal if you were still hungry.

Dark Chocolate Mandarin Waffle at Mink Chocolates |

Overall, my experience at Mink Chocolate Café was incredible. The price was very reasonable, the food quality was top notch, the décor was beautiful, and the service was prompt. I highly recommend the Tutti Frutti Seasonal waffle for anyone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth with a unique breakfast dish.

Restaurant: Mink Chocolate Café

Featured Dish Name: Tutti Frutti Seasonal Waffle

Dish Type: Sweet Pancake/Waffle/Crepe

Available For: All Day

Dish Price: $6.50

Flavour Profile: Sweet

Served: Hot

Portion Size: Small

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