The Blissful Berry Colada Smoothie For a Nourishing Pick-Me-Up

Berry Colada Smoothie at Melu Juice Bar |

MELU, MELU, MELU. What can I say about this plant-based juice and health café? It’s literally happiness when you walk in.

I visited MELU Juice & Health Bar on a weekday and decided to try the two-layered nut milk and fruit smoothie called Berry Colada. Since this was before my workout, I didn’t want any add-ons. However, MELU does offer Vega protein and TruMarine collagen (for bone and joint health), as well as activated charcoal. If you opt for protein or collagen, have it in the morning or after your workout for maximum benefit.

Berry Colada Smoothie at Melu Juice Bar |

As I waited for my smoothie, I wondrously explored each wall and piece of décor at MELU. This may come across as an exaggeration, but the simplicity of all the things pieced together stood out exceptionally well. I would describe the café as a modern and vibrant clash between a nature lover and a healthy eater’s home.

Berry Colada Smoothie at Melu Juice Bar |

A couple minutes later, I grabbed my dainty, well-layered, and swirled pink and white smoothie and exchanged smiles and thank yous with the friendly server. The first layer had blended banana, pineapple, house-made cashew milk, and dates, which looked so, so pure. The second layer had blended raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry. Before mixing the layers with my straw, I decided to individually taste test each one.

Berry Colada Smoothie at Melu Juice Bar |

The creamy banana, cashew, and date layer was smooth with a delightful oomph of froth. Yum!

After one generous sip, I could tell the Berry Colada was incredibly fresh. The cashew milk complemented the mild taste of berries. It made this chilled smoothie creamier and more satiating. The berries didn’t overpower the smoothie either. The Berry Colada was refreshing too – not too sweet, not too sour. And the soothing lavender tone was divine. Sip by sip, I felt alive, refreshed, and nourished.

Berry Colada Smoothie at Melu Juice Bar |

Similar to the Pina Colada Smoothie that I love to make at home, the Berry Colada smoothie is a great idea for an energizing fruity breakfast or as a power-up snack. Bananas are a good source of fibre and energy, and dates provide energy and are a natural sweetener. Berries are a great source of anti-oxidants, which are great for your skin. They’re also super helpful for slimming, and may have anti-cancer properties. Aren’t fruits such a great packet of vitality?

Although, I wasn’t looking for a very filling smoothie, the Berry Colada filled me up quite a bit. As a pre-workout filler, maybe I’d get a juice instead next time. Just so you know, MELU’s juices are packed with two to three pounds each of fruits and veggies!

Berry Colada Smoothie at Melu Juice Bar |

Apart from being a grab-and-go plant-based haven, MELU Juice rents space for small business pop-up shops and workshops. You’d have to inquire for more details, but isn’t that super cool? You can even sit down with your laptop or catch up with a friend – with a healthy accompaniment, of course.

MELU also has so much more to offer, including detox and cleanse programs, health subscription plans, detox waters, overnight oatmeals, banana “Nicecream” that they make in house, and more. They also sell a multitude of raw vegan desserts like chia puddings, chocolate mint cream bars, and Livvy’s Sweets. I’m definitely going to try more at MELU. After all, it’s all good for your body and soul!

Restaurant: Melu Juice and Health Bar

Featured Dish Name: Berry Colada Smoothie

Dish Type: Juice/Smoothie

Available For: All Day

Dish Price: $9.75

Flavour Profile: Sweet

Served: Cold

Portion Size: Small

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Connie Leung

I had their Seasonal Wellness Porridge for a girl brunch date and had the best time. Have you tried their Overnight Oats? Super cute!

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