The Nutritious Butter Banana Toast that Beats Any PB + J Sandwich

It was a cold day outside. But, instead of staying home all bundled up, I decided to venture out to Kits for a great start to the day. Among the cute boutiques and interesting stores, I was sure to come across a lovely little escape to unwind. Olive + Ruby offered just that – a café where you can grab a smoothie or a coffee, or even get some work done.

 Butter Banana Toast at Ruby and Olive Cafe |

Mellow, soothing music played in the background as I walked into Olive + Ruby. I caught a hint of coffee-ish aroma in the clean air and dashed straight to place my order – the Butter + Banana toast and an almond milk latte. Olive + Ruby’s Butter + Banana toast is like a banana peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but healthier because it focuses on the quality of the ingredients and how they’re made.

I grabbed my spot on the swing chair with a view, where I curled up and looked out the window. As soon as I turned around, my coffee had arrived in a pretty cup, followed by two good-looking pieces of sour dough toast. Layered on the toast was almond butter and a generous amount of goji berry jam. Banana slices topped the almond butter and jam, with chia seeds sprinkled on top for extra crunch.

 Butter Banana Toast at Ruby and Olive Cafe |

My first bite into the Butter + Banana toast was a melodious crunch that only toast lovers would enjoy. The cool softness of the banana met with the slightly sweet goji berry jam. And then the smooth almond butter kicked in, just enough to make me want to smack my lips and say, “Hey, this is GOOD!”

All this met again with just the right amount of crispy and soft texture of the locally sourced sourdough bread. And even though I wanted to chomp and eat it like a savage (but pretend I didn’t say that), I ate it slowly and mindfully. It made me appreciate life even more, as I dreamily swung in my chair, escaping into an oasis while admiring the painted strokes of paradise on one side of the walls. (Seriously, it’s a captivating wall!)

 Butter Banana Toast at Ruby and Olive Cafe |

I’ve had almond butter before but didn’t enjoy it. This combination, though, was extremely delicious and made me reconsider my opinion. In fact, it made my morning!

I loved the play between smooth, crunchy, soft, and chewy textures that the Butter + Banana toast offered.

Cool fact: goji berries are an excellent source of antioxidants, fibre, and iron but you need to take them carefully. That said, I loved that the goji berry jam wasn’t overly sweet compared to the usual sugar-loaded jams. It brought a layer of enjoyable gooiness to the toast, keeping things more natural and healthy.

Sourdough bread has a surprising amount of benefits, too. It’s easier to digest and less starchy than plain bread, and has a good amount of vitamins too! And if you’ve never tried it, don’t worry – it’s pretty tasty!
Sweet but nutritious, the Butter + Banana toast is an ideal start to the day. It’s a light yet satisfying breakfast option – an ideal alternative to a standard PB + J sandwich.

 Butter Banana Toast at Ruby and Olive Cafe |

And about the coffee I got – I realized the roast Olive + Ruby sells wasn’t my preferred type. So, I returned it and the staff were happy to assist and replace the coffee with something else. I asked for a refund instead, which they kindly accommodated.

 Butter Banana Toast at Ruby and Olive Cafe |

Aside from their great service, Olive + Ruby offers a bright interior matched with cutely designed cups and utensils. Fresh plants in pots decorate another one of their main walls, bringing so much freshness to this tiny but vivid café. The details at Olive + Ruby add such a personal and unique touch, I can’t stop raving about it. Next, I want to try their waffles!

Restaurant: Olive + Ruby

Featured Dish Name: Cashew Butter + Banana Toast

Dish Type: Pancake/Waffle/Crepe

Available For: All Day

Dish Price: $9.68

Flavour Profile: Sweet

Served: Hot

Portion Size: Small

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I had no idea they served it goji berry jam! Loveee goji berries, love almond butter, love banana, love sourdough (especially super toasted-well ones) Oh. And the venue is absolutely… Read more »

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