The Smooth Americano Misto to Boost Your Productivity

Focus: that’s what you’ll find here. The clicking of computer keys playing against the faint sipping of freshly brewed coffee. Caffé W is an ideal location for the overworked UBC student just outside of the campus zoning. Of course, the café isn’t exclusively for scholars; it’s a stellar locale for anyone who needs a quiet, but public atmosphere to be productive.

Americano Misto at W Cafe |

As you check a few things off of your lengthy to-do list, I’d suggest you pair your productivity with the Americano Misto. For you coffee novices who have no inkling of what exactly that is, let me enlighten you. It’s a shot of espresso with water filled up halfway and steamed milk resting peacefully on top.

Americano Misto at W Cafe |

At Caffé W, the Americano Misto goes down smoothly, particularly when made with the caffeine-crazy medium roast. It’s creamy, with the right notes of bitter coffee bean threaded throughout.

It’s far from overwhelming in flavour. The richness only comes into play during the aftertaste. That’s when the espresso truly comes alive. The steamed milk crema thoroughly absorbs the flavour of the famous 49th Parallel beans. The coffee art is basic but well executed. The Americano Misto comes in a white mug that soaks up the glimmering light from above.

Americano Misto at W Cafe |

If you feel like you need that concentrated shot of adrenaline, Caffé W has a great selection of straight espressos offering subtle hints of caramel and assorted nuts. They also have a small but good selection of treats, including vegan brownies and a stand-out lemon custard tart.

Americano Misto at W Cafe |

For a burst of citrus, the lemon custard tart at Caffé W is pretty spectacular. The sweet and gooey custard doesn’t overpower its wonderful sour tang. When I order a lemon tart, I want to taste the lemon. I want the zing. Not much to ask for, right? Well, ask and you shall receive. The lemon custard sits in a chewy shortbread cup that has a rim coated in sugar. This minor detail adds such a great texture, a crunch that truly sets it apart. Caffé W also has a gelato section… Do I hear your car starting? Good.

Americano Misto at W Cafe |

So, the décor. Well, it’s pretty standard. Clean and slick. Dark ceilings, bright tiled floors, and wood panelled walls create an atmosphere that’s not particularly original. But, man, is it ever cozy! The real eye-catcher is a photograph imprinted on plastic hanging in the far back of the café. It features a slanted city street during a rainstorm of vibrant, colourful balls. It’s electric. The piece is beautiful enough to draw your eye but doesn’t disrupt the modern design of the café.

Americano Misto at W Cafe |

As I said, Caffé W is a worker’s ambience. It makes sense that it draws so many university students due to its location along the UBC transit system. Low-key lounge music floods out of the speakers. The steady beat encourages a continuous flow of energy without distracting you from whatever mountain of work you need to climb.

Restaurant: Caffe W

Featured Dish Name: Americano Misto

Dish Type: Coffee

Available For: All Day

Dish Price: $3.75

Flavour Profile: Bitter

Served: Hot

Portion Size: Small

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