The Creamiest Matcha Latte for the Perfect Slice of Solitude

Matcha Latte at Blaq Sheep Cafe |

Blaq Sheep Coffee feels ostracized from the bustling, coffee-popular Vancouver neighbourhoods. It rests at the far end of the highly residential Dunbar Street. In fact, it may just be the black sheep of the local café scene. But that’s okay. We all have a black sheep within us. We all desire an escape from the chaos of our lives. Sometimes we require time alone with our thoughts in the occasional slice of solitude. This café will offer you just that.

Matcha Latte at Blaq Sheep Cafe |
The pariah of the coffee-shop world seems to be the matcha latte. A black sheep in its own right, the green-tea-based café concoction usually finds its home near the bottom of the menu. It’s a middle child, giving way to its more popular coffee-based siblings. We, the parents, need to start paying more attention to this particular matcha, which is easily the best I’ve had.

Matcha Latte at Blaq Sheep Cafe |
The matcha latte at Blaq Sheep is equal parts sweet and savoury, balancing the often acquired taste of pure matcha. If you’re not a fan of green tea, this isn’t for you. Though creamy and dessert-like, the latte has a tanginess from the tea that’s unavoidable. At first, the drink is deceptively saccharine, but the green tea bite will come for you in time.

The flavours are melded together like velvet. The drink melts in your mouth like a sweet cake on a hot day. It’s a guilty pleasure, a warm, soothing liquid I could’ve easily taken down in one gulp.

If you take your time with this little exotic outcast, you might just find it helpful to your body and soul. The vivid emerald colour is a mood enhancer, while the green tea is full of antioxidants beneficial to your health. It’s rejuvenating, offering you the perfect amount of caffeine to sustain your energy.

Matcha Latte at Blaq Sheep Cafe |
Integrating the reclusive matcha latte into the immediate coffee family is best done when paired with a classic – a blueberry scone. The scones at Blaq Sheep are clearly fresh and anything but dry. Each has an exterior that’s firm with a shiny golden hue. Hidden within the buttery insides of the blueberry scone is the pungent surprise of cranberries. They offer a nice contrasting taste to the dominant, sugary blueberries that drip their sapphire juices through the silky scone. The pastry itself isn’t all that unique, but the blueberries are syrupy, making it taste more like a cake. Blaq Sheep pride themselves on not only their baking, but their brunch, which they host in the Grazing House next door on Saturdays and Sundays.

Matcha Latte at Blaq Sheep Cafe |
The Blaq Sheep baristas seem distant at work, which is a shame since the space itself is quite inviting. An oxblood door leads into a cozy room with jet black ceilings and gentle jazz that bounces off the walls. Jazz has a remarkable effect on people. It allows me to be introspective. I also find that it’s a conversation stimulant, so if you don’t want to be alone, this may be a place to have a good chat with someone who delights you.

Matcha Latte at Blaq Sheep Cafe |
Blaq Sheep has a lived-in feeling that doesn’t feel forced. The floors are scuffed up by the heels of countless personalities. Varnish peels from the wooden chairs below the painted New York street scenes. If you want to feel like Holden Caulfield wandering the lonely avenues of the Big Apple, I suggest you order the matcha latte, borrow a book from the shelf in the corner, and curl up next to their fireplace. Or perhaps you want to people watch on their outdoor patio. Either way, jumping away from life at Blaq Sheep might be the perfect way to recharge.

Restaurant: Blaq Sheep Fine Coffee (Location Closed)

Featured Dish Name: Matcha Latte

Dish Type: Tea/Bubble Tea

Available For: All Day

Dish Price: $4.20

Flavour Profile: Sweet

Served: Hot

Portion Size: Small

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